Will you draw something for me for free? We’ll give you credit!

I am sometimes asked to do artwork free of cost for comics/games/etc, however I do not work for free.

Requests or art trade?

Sorry, I don’t do requests or trades.

What about commissions?

Yes, I’m available for freelance work! Feel free to contact me.

Where can I buy prints of your work?

You can purchase prints (as well as ipod/iphone cases) of my artwork at Society6.

Can I ask you for drawing/painting tips?

Yes! I will try my best to answer any questions you may have.


What tools do you use for your digital paintings?

I use Photoshop CS6 (occasionally Paint Tool SAIand a Wacom Cinitq tablet.

What brushes do you use?

I mainly use the default Photoshop brushes. I also love these two brush sets a lot.

What tablet do you recommend?

I get asked this a lot. I always recommend Wacom. Firstly, because they are very good tablets, and secondly because I really have no experience with any other brand. If you’re just starting out, I would suggest getting a Bamboo or a small tablet of the Intuos models. I personally loved my Intuos4 tablet and would recommend it to anyone.

How long does it take to finish a painting?

It all depends on the complexity of the painting. Detailed paintings take 6 – 20 hours. For my quicker sketches it’s  around 1 – 3 hours.

Do you have any tutorials?

I don’t have any detailed tutorials because frankly, they take a long time to make. I have, however recorded the process of several pieces for video speed paintings.

Where do you get your textures?

I get textures from deviantart or cgtextures.

How do you blend colors?

Slowly build up the colors with light pen pressure. My base colors are dark and I add highlights and lighter colors little by little. I don’t use big soft edged brushes because the colors will get that yucky, muddy look.

Do you use a soft or hard edged brush for shading?

I hardly ever use soft edged brushes. I use hard edged brushes most of the time. The trick is just to use very light pen pressure and build up the the colors slowly.

What size do you start a painting as?

It’s important to paint at a high resolution. I usually start with a image size that is at least A4 format (300 DPI) or larger.


Can I use your art for personal use?

Yes. I don’t mind if my art is used for your desktop wallpaper, or printed out for yourself. Just don’t sell my art or claim it as your own.

Can I use your art for tattoos?

Yes! You don’t have to ask for permission to have my artwork tattooed on yourself. I’d love to see a photo of it.

Can I feature your work on my blog/website?

Yes, of course! I’m always happy to have my art featured on blogs/websites, as long as you link back to

Can I use your artwork as reference?

Yes, you may use my art as a reference for personal use. Please link back to the image you referenced with proper credit ( I’d love to see the artwork you created!

What about licensing your art?

I’m not interested in licensing my work for use in signature tags or stock images.


How/where did you learn to draw?

I’m completely self taught. I’ve been drawing all my life. I started digital painting in 2007.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a huge cinephile so I watch a lot of movies. I enjoy writing, playing the piano and guitar, reading, running.